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Power Consumption: 128 KB Sequential (Windows 7/Mac OS X)

Intel SSD 520 Review: Taking Back The High-End With SandForce

128 KB Sequential Read

On our PC, the 256 GB Samsung 830 has, at most, a 100 MB/s lead over the 240 GB Intel SSD 520 and OCZ Vertex 3. That performance delta is mirrored in our power use results. So, Samsung's offering gives you roughly 20% more performance, but consumes 20% more power in the process.

Power consumption in 128 KB sequential reads scales similarly on our Mac. More performance incurs higher power costs.

The only outlier is Intel's 240 GB SSD 520. It's a little slower than OCZ's Vertex 3, but it uses about 25% more power.

128 KB Sequential Write

Not only do the SandForce-based drives smoke the competition, but they do it using a lot less power. Just look at Intel's 240 GB SSD 520. It's able to process, compress, and write data using only 2 W. Compare that to the 256 GB Crucial m4, which requires 3.5 W and achieves 50% of the performance. Samsung's 830 is even more inefficient. It draws 5 W while topping out at 75% of the SSD 520's speed.

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