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Results: Comparative 128 KB Seqential Performance

Intel SSD 525 Review: Five mSATA Drives, From 30 To 240 GB

128 KB Sequential Read Performance

All of the drives we're testing reach above 500 MB/s, and most peak with two outstanding commands. The SSD 525 and m4 scale more gradually up to their peak at a queue depth of 16. Samsung's 840 Pro is ninja-quick. But in everyday use, you're going to have a hard time telling between these drives in this particular workload.

128 KB Sequential Write Performance

The 240 GB SSD 525 is only able to hang with the heavy hitters when we test with easily compressible data to punch up above 500 MB/s. It isn't likely that most folks will encounter vast quantities of repeating data written sequentially, though. Unless you're writing from one SSD to another, these performance numbers become progressively less useful.

The SSD 525 does perform surprisingly well with random data, managing a swift 324 MB/s. By comparison, Crucial's m4 tops out near 280 MB/s. Samsung's 120 and 250 GB 840's TLC NAND yields a tepid 120 and 250 MB/s, respectively.

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