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Sequential Performance

Intel SSD 910 Review: PCI Express-Based Enterprise Storage

The 800 GB SSD 910 hits it 2 GB/s sequential read speed specification at a block size of 2 MB, while the 400 GB version achieves its 1 GB/s spec at a block size of 512 KB. The R4 is still the clear winner at larger transfer sizes, though.

Maximum Performance mode finally sets itself apart from Default mode in our sequential write speed test. Commit this one to memory, though, because this is only time you'll see a difference. But what a difference it makes, granting a 50% boost in sequential writes.

That's not enough to match the R4, which peaks at 2.8 GB/s. However, the news isn't all bad for Intel, since these tests do employ highly-compressible data, which favors the R4's SandForce-based controllers.

When we switch to AS SSD and use fully random data, the gap between Intel and OCZ evaporates.

The R4 still edges out Intel's drive, but the results are much closer. The SSD 910 pulls within 100 MB/s in the sequential write test.

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