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Best SSDs: $200 To $315

Best SSDs For The Money: October 2011

Best SSDs for ~$205: Performance 120 GB

Adata S511 Series
120 GB
Sequential Read
550 MB/s
Sequential Write510 MB/s
Power Consumption (Active)
3.62 W
Power Consumption (Idle).66 W

Choices are pretty limited between $175 and $215. In our opinion, you're better off buying two smaller SSDs or saving up for a more expensive drive like Adata's 120 GB S511. While this drive has received less press than the Vertex 3, it's functionally the same. In our recent SandForce roundup, we gave the 120 GB Vertex 3 our 2011 Recommended Buy award due to better pricing. But we've also seen Adata drop its price by $35 since then. As a result, this month's recommendation goes to the 120 GB S511.

Best SSDs for ~$205: Performance Alternative 128 GB

Crucial m4
128 GB
Sequential Read
415 MB/s
Sequential Write175 MB/s
Power Consumption (Active)
.150 W
Power Consumption (Idle).085 W

The 128 GB m4 recently got our 2011 Recommended Buy award, which is one of the reasons it makes our list this month. If you prefer something SandForce-based, you still can't go wrong with that previously-mentioned Adata S511 drive.

Based on our Storage Bench v1.0, the 128 GB m4 performs ~44% faster than its 64 GB variant, while only offering 11% less performance than its 256 and 512 GB big brothers. The extra capacity is what you're paying for, sure. But it's good to know that buying up higher in the stack also gives you more speed, too.

Best SSDs for ~$270: Premium Performance Option

Patriot Wildfire
120 GB
Sequential Read
555 MB/s
Sequential Write520 MB/s
Power Consumption (Active)
Power Consumption (Idle)?

The Patriot Wildfire and Mushkin Chronos Deluxe are two of the fastest 120 GB SSDs that we've ever tested. Both demonstrate what SandForce's newest controller can do when matched up to Toggle Mode flash.

If you're willing to pay a little more per gigabyte to get better performance, both drives come highly recommended. The Wildfire seems to be available for $10 less than the Chronos Deluxe, which is why it's getting our pick this month.

Best SSDs for ~$300: Reliable Option

Intel SSD 320
160 GB
Sequential Read
270 MB/s
Sequential Write165 MB/s
Power Consumption (Active)
0.15 W (Typical)
Power Consumption (Idle)0.1 W (Typical)

Despite our recent piece contending that SSDs aren't necessarily more reliable than hard drives simply because they lack moving parts, we continue to believe that Intel's SSDs are the most reliable. Our opinions are shared by data center managers in the enterprise world, who we interviewed for that story. Almost exclusively, they let us know that they lean on Intel drives.

As such, we recommend Intel's 160 GB SSD 320 for anyone willing to sacrifice the performance of a 6 Gb/s drive in favor of a more mature controller with several new firmware-enabled concessions for data security. The ability to map up to one die's worth of failed blocks to redundant flash is one such improvement. Additionally, on-board capacitors keep the drive running for long enough to write cached data to nonvolatile memory in the event of a power loss.

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