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Benchmark Results: Audio/Video Encoding

System Builder Marathon, Dec. 2009: $700 Gaming PC

Both iTunes and Lame favor CPU clock speed rather than the number of processing cores and overclocking yields almost a 50% gain in performance.

We are running new versions of each and can’t directly compare results to previous SBMs, but have typically seen that these are tests at which the Pentium E5300, clock for clock, would easily beat an AMD Phenom II. 

We’ve updated to a new version of TMPGEnc, but would likely see results for our dual-core processors rank by clock speed. Here, overclocking reduces DivX and Xvid encoding time by an average of 43%.

MainConcept encoding completes 45% quicker thanks to our overclocking efforts. The December PC take 45 seconds longer at stock clocks, but finishes 14 seconds quicker than the September PC when both are overclocked. 

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