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Benchmark Results: Synthetics

System Builder Marathon: Performance And Value Compared

3DMark shows nearly-perfect scaling for the graphics systems of each machine. Because it was the last graphics benchmark tested without any change in software, the $2,500 machine’s huge win here helps to prove the legitimacy of its configuration, in spite of losses in a few games.

PCMark has both graphics and hard drive test components, favoring the $2,500 machine’s quad-GPU graphics and Level 0 hard drive arrays.

Sandra's Arithmetic and Multimedia benchmarks show “how it’s done” in overclocking: start with a roomier case, add an oversized CPU cooler, and crank up the BIOS settings.

The $2,500 PC uses faster memory to boost its Sandra bandwidth score, while the $625 system is handicapped by Intel’s previous front side bus (FSB) technology.

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