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CPU Performance: Core i5-2467M, ULV Sandy Bridge

Samsung Series 7 11.6" Slate: Breathing New Life Into Tablet PCs

Comparing tablets and tablet PCs utilizing dissimilar architectures isn't easy, which is why our suite consists solely of Geekbench, since it runs on multiple platforms. Like SiSoftware's Sandra, this is a synthetic metric. However, it lets us make an apples-to-apples hardware comparison, independent of the architecture we test.

Unlike Asus' Eee Slate, Samsung's Series 7 11.6" Slate employs a modern Sandy Bridge-based platform. Of course, Samsung uses an ultra-low voltage processor, which is why its 17 W Core i5-2467M trails the 35 W Core i5-2520M in Asus' K53E notebook. Still, that's a significant upgrade from the 18 W Core i5-470UM in Asus' Eee Slate.

This test demonstrates the disparity between Cortex-A9-based iPads and notebook-class Core i5s when it comes to memory performance.

See how the Sandy Bridge part destroys Arrandale? If you're good with history, you'll remember that Arrandale consists of two dies on one package. The memory controller is on a separate piece of silicon as the execution cores, negatively affecting throughput. Sandy Bridge puts all of that logic on the same 32 nm die, bumping support up from two channels of DDR3-800 to two channels of DDR3-1333.

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