1,000 GB: Three Samsung TB Drives

Streaming Read Performance per Watt

Our last test again focuses on performance per watt, but now via requesting sequential read operations from the contestants. As expected, the 7,200 RPM Spinpoint F drives are much faster than the 5,400 RPM EcoGreen F drive, but this time, the difference is more significant than in the workstation-type I/O test.

At the same time, the difference in power requirements is a bit smaller than in the I/O test, because operating at maximum throughput usually forces the controller to operate at a peak power condition. Let’s put performance and power into context:

If you want your hard drive to be efficient when reading (or writing) large amount of sequential data, such as video streams, the Spinpoint F RAID provides the best performance per watt ratio. The Spinpoint F and the EcoGreen F reach identical performance per watt levels.