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Nuendo 2

Nuendo 2 by Steinberg is a professional software solution for audio processing. This program too is thread-optimized and delivers high performance, whether with P4 processors using Hyperthreading applications, multiprocessor systems or computers with dual-core CPUs.

Software: Nuendo 2 (Steinberg)
Version: 2.00.33
5.20c (audio driver)
Installed size: 165 M + 2.25 G workload file
Benchmark duration: Several minutes

After installing Nuendo we recommend that you update directly to version 2.00.33. The files you then use can be copied into any available directory. Bear in mind that to run Nuendo you need a sound card capable of processing 96 KHz audio.

Nuendo 2 requires a dongle, which has to be attached to a USB port.

For Nuendo 2 we use a Terratec Aureon 7.1 Space.

When you run it for the first time Nuendo automatically looks for audio hardware.

We don't change the standard settings.


You can open a project file with 'File » Open...'. By clicking on 'File » Export » Audio Mixdown...' you can open a dialog box, which allows you to perform a few setting changes. Clicking on 'Save' confirms these changes and starts the process.

Channels: Stereo split
Resolution: 32 Bit (float)
Sample Rate: 96.000 kHz

Check the attributes of your project file to see how long the process takes: the difference between 'Created' and 'Modified' will be the time the process takes.
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