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LCD Performance: Super IPS+ Is Great Outside

Asus Transformer Prime TF201: A Tablet With A Higher Calling

Compared to the original Transformer, the Prime's subpixel structure appears identical. We're not surprised, though, considering the Transformer Prime also employs a 10.1” 1280x800 IPS panel.

This tablet's modest color space can't keep up with the competition, especially with Apple's third-gen iPad putting image quality front and center. Again, because the Prime uses a similar display as the first Transformer, we can't say we're surprised. Fortunately, the colors are vibrant enough for everyday use.

Similarities in the benchmarks suggest that, as suspected, both generations of Transformer tablets employ the same glass.

But that's not to say the Transformer Prime's display is the same. It doesn't use a regular IPS display. Asus says it's employing Super IPS+, which features additional LED backlights to improve readability outdoors.

The extra backlights boost luminance up by 200 nits. So, at maximum brightness, Super IPS+ mode translates into close to 600 nits (we measured 598.2 nits).

This helps reduce glare on the screen. In the real world, we found it effective at preventing wash-out. However, be warned that Super IPS+ penalizes you by draining your battery up to 33% faster (according to lab tests).

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