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Benchmark Results: Archiving

Ubuntu 11.10 Review: Benchmarked Against Windows 7

Like the file copy times, archiving is also timed using the operating system CLI. Both OSes are using the latest stable 7-Zip libraries for the archiving tests. The test folder contains 15 files totalling 334.6 MB. All archiving tests are run five times.

Windows compresses our test folder into a .zip archive in six and a half seconds, while Ubuntu takes eleven. Windows also extracts zipped files about one-half second faster than Ubuntu, 2.3 seconds to 1.8.

The winners are reversed when using the preferred archive format of the Linux world: tar.gz. Ubuntu beats Windows in compression by nine seconds (12.5 versus 21.5). Oneiric Ocelot also extracts tar.gz archives faster than Windows, 2.2 seconds to three (respectively).

The archiving tests result in a stalemate. Both operating systems excel with their respective default archive format, and both formats have different user bases. Developers might run into tar.gz files often, while most regular folks more commonly encounter ZIP files.

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