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Building With The M9

Three Gaming Cases, With Power, Under $100

We previously used quotation marks around the power supply’s “450W” label because this particular model is actually rated at 400W continuous output.

The M9 chassis easily swallowed our full-sized hardware, though the screw-free card clips wouldn’t work with our double-slot graphics card. Removing the entire bracket allows traditional screw-down installation.

The maximum space between the slot panel and a hard drive is reduced to 10.5” when the drive cage is mounted in the M9’s lower bays, and users considering that configuration should allow extra room for cable ends.

Twin lighted fans give the M9 much more flash than its competitors, especially when viewed through the windowed side panel. Fit and finish are exemplary for a unit at this price.

Strengthened by a continuous rolled edge on its 5.25” bay brackets, the left-side panel is the only part of the M9 case that feels weak. With little bracing, the amount of metal surrounding the window is insufficient to keep this panel from flapping during installation and removal.

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