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Inside The USP 100

Three Gaming Cases, With Power, Under $100

Low-cost products don’t normally have the latest features, so we were pleasantly surprised to find the USP 100 with an access hole for CPU cooler support plates. Also carried over from pricier products is the sideways hard drive cage, which allows easy installation and removal of drives, even when the motherboard is full of expansion cards.

A handhold at the bottom of the face panel allows it to be ripped off rather easily, though its plastic snap tabs should probably be treated a little more gingerly. External bays behind it are covered with break-away EMI shields, which present somewhat of a pinch hazard during removal. Screw tabs allow these to be reinstalled.

A 120 mm red LED intake fan is the only case fan included with the USP 100. We noticed these grill holes are far more restrictive than those of the empty rear panel fan mount, though the included fan is slow enough that air passing through these holes did not add noticeably to the fan’s low noise.

A second intake fan can be mounted on the case’s bottom, between its power supply and hard drive cage. All three fan mounts are able to hold 120 mm, 92 mm and 80 mm fans, but the bottom mount doesn’t have an offset between the grill and fan blades.

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