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Benchmark Results: Crysis

System Builder Marathon, Dec. 2009: System Value Compared

Crysis has become little more than a synthetic benchmark since most people no longer play it, yet we’re still chasing playable frame rates at its highest settings. Will we finally break though its barriers?

With 40 FPS our minimum requirement for fluid game play, only the $2,500 system’s dual Radeon HD 5870’s can reach 2560x1600, and even then only without using the highest quality or AA. Some of the longer pauses were caused by “slow” map loading on the system’s “fast” drives, but this is probably the only title we’ve seen where SSDs might be worth the expense for the sake of gaming. When overclocked, the $700 system reaches an impressive 1920x1200 resolution at speeds beyond our minimum requirement.

Still without AA, the highest playable Crysis resolution achieved by the $2,500 system using Very High quality was 1920x1200, and that’s something even the basic $1,300 PC could accomplish. Reaching only 1280x1024 at acceptable frame rates, we’d rather sacrifice a few details to gain higher resolutions on the overclocked $700 system.

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