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Benchmark Results: CrystalDiskMark Streaming Performance

OCZ's Vertex 3 Pro: Second-Gen SandForce Perf Preview

It’s important to explain differences in the way that Iometer and CrystalDiskMark measure performance here. Iometer doesn’t use completely random data in its write test, giving the SandForce-based drives a large advantage. We configure CrystalDiskMark to use completely random data.

Our results here are intended to demonstrate the performance difference when SandForce drives work with data less conducive to optimization. Clearly, there Vertex 3 Pro is not like SandForce drives seen before. Instead, the it leads the pack by a decent margin. If you put this together with the scores on the previous page, you come to a surprising realization. If you are writing incompressible data sequentially, the Vertex 3 Pro outperforms all other drives we tested, even at their best.

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