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Power Consumption: 128 KB Sequential (Windows 7/Mac OS X)

OCZ Vertex 4 Review: A Flagship SSD Powered By...Indilinx?

128 KB Sequential Read

On both our PC and Mac, the 256 GB and 512 GB Vertex 4s consume less power than the 256 GB Samsung 830 and Crucial m4 in sequential reads. Compared to the Vertex 3, however, OCZ's newest SSD uses slightly more power.

128 KB Sequential Write

SandForce-based SSDs usually smoke the competition when it comes to overall write efficiency. For example, the Vertex 3 is able to process, compress, and write data using only 2 W. Compare that to the 256 GB Crucial m4, which requires 3.5 W to achieve 50% of the performance. Samsung's 830 is even more inefficient, drawing up to 5 W and topping out at 75% of the SSD 520's speed.

In comparison, the Vertex 4 consumes more power than the Crucial m4, but less than the Samsung 830. Interestingly, these new drives consume about as much power as the Vertex 3 handling incompressible data.

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