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Installing Intel Small Business Advantage

Intel vPro In 2012, Small Business Advantage, And Anti-Theft Tech.

Installing the Small Business Advantage software package is very simple. Intel's DB75EN motherboard comes packaged with an installation CD pre-loaded with drivers for the platform's integrated hardware and the Express Installer for SBA.

Once all of the modules are installed, you can launch the SBA application. You're met with a variety of features to configure for the first time (and you can use the arrows to select the next option).

Selecting the first item to configure, regardless of which feature it is, brings up a password and authentication setup screen.

It also brings up a screen to configure email notifications. This could be handy in a number of different situations. If you're in a small business and you walk away for the night, SBA can alert you on your cell phone if a backup fails, for instance. Or, if you're helping a family member with an SBA-equipped PC, and bad browsing habits result in malicious code disabling security software, you can jump in immediately.

The SBA package does have an auto-updater. After installing from the DB75EN's bundled CD and hooking up to the Internet, I was asked to download and install the latest version.

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