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Thermaltake Control Software

Four More Closed-Loop Liquid Coolers Take On The NH-D14

Realizing the limitations of its monitoring software, Thermaltake’s control panel displays only the liquid temperature readings. The Sound Level meter beneath it really corresponds to fan speed, not any actual noise level.

Liquid temperature and fan speed are also logged to a graph, which inexplicably shows no time scale.

The Water2.0 Extreme’s default cooling profile is designed to maintain a range of 40° to 50° Celsius under full CPU load. Since CPU temperature can climb far more quickly than coolant temperature (which is actually what is being measures), overheating is still possible. Therefore, we recommend lowering the thresholds on highly-overclocked systems. Alternatively, the Extreme profile can be used to set the entire cooling system to maximum speed.

Finally, the Settings menu controls the application’s appearance, start-up options, and monitoring frequency.

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