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Enermax ELC120

Four More Closed-Loop Liquid Coolers Take On The NH-D14

When it comes to radiator size, wider beats thicker, and thicker beats thinner. Enermax designed the ELC120 with a 25%-thicker radiator and push-pull fan orientation to help it approach the performance of the company’s wider ELC240.

As with the ELC240, Enermax launched the ELC120 primarily in foreign markets, along with the promise of eventual U.S. availability. Both coolers are currently available within the European Union, with the ELC120-TA going for around $90 before tax.

Both Enermax coolers use the same head/pump assembly, which is powered from the CPU fan header. The pump’s power lead also branches off to feed both fans, and it relies on one of those fans to provide the motherboard’s RPM detection.

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