Western Digital Goes Flashy With Lighted Hard Drive


A lighted hard drive product made by one of the traditional big name hard drive manufacturers is something that many IT professional would have considered impossible only a few years ago. But the storage market is growing, and so are potential customer types. There are ruggedized hard drives, multicolored versions, and now the modding types are starting to become more popular.

Anyone who just needs storage for expanding a computer's capacity, for having a backup device or for storing data so it is mobile, will probably prefer a simpler product that simply gets the job done. However, as you are reading this article here at THG, we trust that you must have a certain degree of interest in something that is more individualized, and turns your external storage solution into a personalized one.

The Extreme Series II Lightened Hard Drive with 320 GB offers all you want for several reasons. It is one of the fastest USB or Firewire external hard drives we have seen yet, it adds either 160 or 320 GB of storage capacity to your system, and finally, it has the cool lighting.

As always, this technically simple addition comes at a price premium that you will seriously have to weigh. The cost is approximately $300 for the lighted version, compared to less than $250 for the regular one.

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