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A Tour Of Tiles: Social Media And Entertainment

Windows 8 In Videos: An Operating System Reimagined?

Staying connected with Twitter and Facebook is a daily ritual for many, which is why Windows 8 also includes apps for social media.

Windows 8 Preview: Tweet@rama, Metro UI

Twitter fanatics can look forward to the Tweet@rama app. Like the Stock and Weather apps, status updates are cycled on the front splash screen. Metro is entirely integrated, so clicking on a follower or a URL opens that webpage in the Metro version of IE 10.

Windows 8 Preview: Socialite, Metro UI

The interface for Facebook is slightly more impressive. Open the Socialite app and there are five panels: News Feed, Profile, Photos, Friends, and Checkins.

All of the basic functions are covered: commenting, writing on your wall, and liking posts. Want to check out a webpage? No problem. Like Tweet@rama, webpages are opened in the Metro version of IE 10. However, you can’t message or post pictures (except for screenshots) within Socialite.

Windows 8 Preview: Games & Entertainment, Metro UI

Metro UI's games- and entertainment-related apps are really intended for tablets and smartphones, but desktop users can access them too.

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