Working on Two Fronts: ATi's Radeon VE Handles Two Monitors

The Radeon VE Up Close And Personal

The retail version of the Radeon VE contains a TV-Out (above), a DVI-I jack (middle) and the standard VGA exit port (below).

A second digital flat panel (TFT screen) can be directly connected to the DVI jack. A DVI-to-VGA adapter is included to ensure that a second cathode ray tube monitor or an analog flat panel can be operated as well.

ATi offers several variants of the Radeon VE for the OEM market. Jack combinations such as VGA/VGA or DVI/DVI are generally feasible and depend mainly on the bulk purchaser's needs.

The Following Display Combinations Are Possible With The Radeon VE

  • VGA + VGA
  • VGA + DVI (digital flat panel)
  • VGA + DVI + video out (television)
  • VGA + video out (television)

Clicking on the Appearance tab in Windows' Display Properties permits the connected screens to be managed conveniently.

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