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DirectX 9 Results: Mafia II

How Well Do Workstation Graphics Cards Play Games?

DirectX 9: Mafia II

We’re benchmarking with two DirectX 9 games, since gamers are seemingly stuck with this API due to the many (and most bad) console ports for the PC. Mafia II is a classic, though. Even though its graphics haven’t aged too well aside from a few memorable moments, it still provides a decent challenge even for newer graphics cards once the game's settings are turned up.

Nvidia's Quadro 6000 does well at less demanding settings. Turn the details up, though, and AMD's FirePro W9000 dominates the field, while the W7000 provides playable performance. The other professional cards deliver much lower gaming performance to the point that, at 1920x1080, they're no longer playable.

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