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Benchmark Results: 3D Games

Intel X58 Roundup: Six $300+ Platforms Compared

Some motherboards attempt to save power more aggressively than others, so we can expect increased variability with EIST and enhanced C-States enabled. We’re hoping that today’s slowest motherboard will also be the most miserly, but we’ll first scroll through several pages of benchmarks before we reach the power-consumption test.

Gigabyte takes the lead in Call of Duty: World at War, while EVGA hovers around the bottom. Both products run the CPU base clock slightly slower than specified, at 133.0 MHz and 132.8 MHz respectively.

Asus and MSI take first and second place in Crysis. MSI has the highest CPU base clock at 133.7 MHz, while Asus nudges the base up by slightly less, at 133.6 MHz. EVGA’s rise to the middle is good news for its fans.

Asus starts out with a lead in Far Cry 2, but MSI takes the top spot when quality and visual enhancements are increased. EVGA again falls to the bottom.

Asus maintains a consistent lead through World in Conflict, while EVGA remains at the bottom.

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