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Benchmark Results: Rendering

Intel Xeon E3-1275 Review: Sandy Bridge Goes Professional

Rendering in Blender is another processor-oriented task, and another benchmark that doesn’t care what sort of graphics card you’re running. That’s good news if you don’t anticipate running other 3D-oriented apps and can get away with HD Graphics P3000 for “free.”

The processor-oriented component of Cinebench is even across the board, just as we’d expect. But the graphics test favors Intel’s Xeon E3-1275. Intel’s Core i7-2600K takes second place. And the Quadro FX 580 falls to last place. Strange? A little. But that’s still an impressive finish for Intel’s Sandy Bridge-based processors in this OpenGL-based benchmark.

Vue is used to create, animate, and render 3D environments, so it’s not surprising that this professional app is well-optimized for multi-core, multi-threaded workstations. Our dual-socket Xeon 5600 system finishes this test in under 10 minutes, and a Core i7-980X can wrap it up in 18. These Sandy Bridge-based configs need around 24 minutes to get the job done. And it doesn’t matter which graphics solution you use, either.

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