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Percent Faster: Xeon E5s Vs. Xeon 5600s

Intel Xeon E5-2600: Doing Damage With Two Eight-Core CPUs

When we compile the results from all of our tests and compare two Xeon E5-2687Ws to two Xeon X5680s, we see that the E5s are, on average about 21% faster.

Some of those tests aren’t good representations of what a professional would do on a workstation, though. Lame is in there explicitly to show the difference between these CPUs with a single core active, for example. The compression tests are pretty lightweight, and the transcoding tests don’t really necessitate a dual-processor machine. So, let’s take all of that out and see where we end up:

Now we’re closer to a 23% improvement. Euler3D skews the E5’s advantage quite a bit, but so do curiously-low numbers from Blender’s new cycles rendering engine and the SolidWorks 2010 render.

Regardless, more than 20% is significant for money-making applications.

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