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Z68XP-UD3 Firmware

From $100 To $160: Five Z68-Based Boards, Compared

Gigabyte still uses a traditional BIOS for its motherboards, having implemented a workaround for drives larger than 2 TB that doesn't require a UEFI. Its M.I.T. menu still shows a few key statistics, along with several submenus.

The Advanced Frequency Settings menu is less than elaborate, instead relying on another submenu to access advanced CPU core features. CPU, DRAM, and integrated graphics ratios are adjustable at the menu level, along with the system’s base clock.

Digging deeper, we find CPU current protection, Turbo Boost mode, and power management settings.

Jumping back to the M.I.T. main menu allows one to access the Advanced Voltage Settings submenu. The Z68XP-UD3 adds DRAM reference and termination voltage settings to the core and bus voltage adjustments we normally use.

The Advanced Memory Settings menu includes a redundant DRAM ratio selection, along with another submenu choice. Setting “DRAM Timing Selectable” to Quick allows both channels to be adjusted simultaneously, with primary and secondary timings found in the activated submenu.

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