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Z77X-D3H Applications

Seven Sub-$160 Z77 Express Motherboards, Reviewed

Gigabyte includes a huge software bundle with its latest motherboards, offering, for example, three different adware trial version Internet security suites. Moving past those annoyances, we did find a few gems.

Audio Deck, for the integrated Via Envy codec, provides an old-fashioned multi-channel positioning diagram to accompany the settings that might otherwise take normal users a while to find in Windows.

Gigabyte @BIOS downloads the latest firmware directly from Gigabyte’s server.

Users can choose their own BIOS splash screen from several published by Gigabyte, or use their favorite search engine to find forums for help in creating their own.

Gigabyte’s 3D Power controller repeats several of the 3D Power settings from the Z77X-D3H’s firmware. From our standpoint, all of these features could have been combined on a single page of the company's Easy Tune6 utility.

Gigabyte Smart Recovery 2 provides an easy way to back up your drive or specific folders to a second drive.

Gigabyte Update Manager checks for updates to many of Gigabyte’s brand-specific applications. So, where are the gems we spoke of?

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