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Z87X-UD4H Tuning Software

Five Z87 Motherboards Under $220, Reviewed

Everything Gigabyte does these days appears intended for widescreen displays, from its high-resolution main firmware menu to its 1600-pixel-wide EasyTune window. Not able to legibly compress its small font to a review-appropriate size, I was forced to trim out the black space before shrinking these screen shots.

EasyTune opens to a system information page with very basic statistics, similar to those found in the far-more-compact CPU-Z application. Motherboard model and BIOS version were also shown before I trimmed this image.

Smart QuickBoost offers overclocking profiles from a stock-voltage 4.10 GHz to a 1.32-volt 4.50 GHz. A 1.32 V setting in this case corresponds to the board’s 1.30 V setting.

Gigabyte SmartFan includes several fan profiles and allows users to create their own.

Gigabyte’s 3D Power provides voltage regulator controls.

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