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Z87-Pro Tuning Software

Five Z87 Motherboards Under $220, Reviewed

Asus incorporates most of its applications into its new Ai Suite III, including OS-based overclocking functions. The software opens to its 4-Way Optimization tab, showing several status readings, but few controls.

The TPU tab exposes base clock and cache ratio settings, with two more configuration buttons at the bottom for voltage and CPU core ratio settings.

EPU power-savings includes three voltage-reduction profiles that can be re-defined by the user.

DIGI+ power control primarily affects CPU response to thermal and amperage triggers.

Asus brags a lot about its fan controls, from increased granularity to greater independence for all headers, and even for its ability to use both voltage-based and PWM-based control on all of its connectors.

CPU-Z can’t read SPD and XMP values on most Asus motherboards, not even the customized-for-Asus version included with the Z87-Pro. That makes Ai Suite’s System Information tabs especially useful, where I scrolled through all six SPD settings before finding our memory’s XMP rating.

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