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  • B Need help!! Cant get computer to start with 4 RAM slots

    - in Forums

    Last message : Hello, I recently purchased another 8GB of RAM to bring my rig to a total of 4 x 4GB. All the RAM Sticks are the same 4Gb @1600 When I try start the computer with all 4 slots occupied, I just get a black screen. Monitor doest detect

  • B Can't get computer to start

    - in Forums

    Last message : Hi so I'm building my first computer and I can't get it to start. I've tried bredboarding and then the fans always starts up for a second or two and then turns off and then starts normally. It always stop once even with only CPU connected

  • B Computer cant start, corrupted system files?

    - in Forums

    Last message : Hello. My friends computer, which he bought prebuild, cant start up whenever we start the computer, it says something about the disk is corrupt. it counts down to verifying system files, but if you click a random button or not, it just

  • B Win10 crash with graphic artifacts - now can't start PC

    - in Forums

    Last message : crash gave vertical line artifacts. Next time I attempted to start the PC I was unable to get into OS and instead got to 'recovery mode', but screen still had artifacts even during boot sequence. I'm able to enter the OS in safe mode and after

  • B Computer Starts up but cant see bios

    - in Forums

    Last message : My computer starts up fine and is able to reach the windows startup screen. however i am not able to see my bios start up. this only happens with certain screens and i am not sure why.

  • B Can't get into bios at start up

    - in Forums

    Last message : . My computer works %100 fine and I just need to change 1 thing in the bios but I can't get into the setup. Any ideas how to get my numberlock on during boot or to get into my bios? I don't even see "hit del to enter bios" at the bottom of the screen

  • B new build, can't start it up(with updated info)

    - in Forums

    Last message : , and the case. I don't even consider the graphics card the problem because i haven't had the graphics card installed since i've been trying to get it to start with the new parts i've been replacing. I know that when i built this computer the first

  • B Windows 7 " c0000135 The program can't start because %hs is missing from your computer "

    - in Forums

    Last message : saying " c0000135 The program can't start because %hs is missing from your computer " which keeps me from getting into Windows. I'm currently dual-booted into Ubuntu on the same computer, what can I do to fix Windows?

  • B Can't start computer (red led)

    - in Forums

    Last message : I built my PC, and for some reason computer didn't start. I removed all components except cooler, motherboard, PSU, processor. and it's still keep red LED on the mother board and don't start. I checked my 8 pins and 24 pins

  • B Can't open any program from start menu or task bar

    - in Forums

    Last message : [quotemsg=9737150,0,779080]Hello, I can open any file from my saved files but can't open any program from start menu or taskbar please provide a input about windows os, else i would like you to open elevated command prompt and paste

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