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  • B Ideal monitor for PS3 + Wii + PC

    - in Forums

    Last message : . But now I'd like to transition to something a bit bigger and with more inputs. This is what I'd like to do with it: -Play PS3 (so it needs HDMI) -Play Wii (so it needs component) -Use PC (no special requirements) Here are the problems: The only

  • A Deals for Feb 29: 23" Dell Dual-core All-in-one PC $449

    - in Articles > Buyer's Guides

    Top Deals The Dell Inspiron One All-In-One PC is a great middle ground between laptop and desktop. This 23-inch display-computer hybrid houses a 2.8GHz AMD Athlon II X2 240e processor, ATI Radeon HD 4270 graphics, 4GB DDR

  • B Wii Console RCA to Computer Monitor VGA

    - in Forums

    Last message : connected through VGA have problems digitalizing the signal and might show vertical lines or other artifacts. Cheapest Ebay link I was able to find:

  • B Monitor < PC/PS3/360/PS2/Wii

    - in Forums

    Last message : 1920x1080 is the best resolution to get. 720/1080p content should display fullscreen fine (x360, ps3), pc runs fine at that resolution, not sure what the wii resolution is but most likely it will run fullscreen fine as well. due to the age

  • B MMR: Is the Wii a "piece of sh*t"?

    - in Forums

    Last message : gamer" bit Nintendo has gone on about is really just a marketing bluff. Just like Sony's and Microsoft's claims on their consoles' power; sure, they're more powerful than the Wii, but you CAN actually build a PC of comparable power to the PS3

  • B Getting sound of PS3 by using optical audio cable on pc monitor

    - in Forums

    Last message : Hdmi works just fine for great resolution but the sound is not compatible when I plug it on pc monitor. So i bought an optical audio cable to see if the sound could came out, but it changes nothing, even though i've change PS3 sound

  • B PS3 on computer monitor?

    - in Forums

    Last message : PS2 and Wii, but that uses an external TV card/box. Basically this takes a terrestial TV input, the component video, S-video or composite video (RCA), and outputs to a standard monitor or DVI signal. In Hong Kong where I am they are selling

  • B wii to crt or tft

    - in Forums

    Last message : since the wii doesnt support HDMI, you cant connect it using DVI. Having a DVI input on your monitor doesnt automaticly mean that the X360 or PS3 can get hooked up to it. It also depends on if the monitor supports anolog signal input

  • B Wii Launch Report: Nintendo's Next Generation is Set in Motion

    - in Forums

    Last message : I am a PC gamer through and through. In all my life I had owned only one console. Yet I am going to buy Wii, and not PS3. Why? Exactly for the reason you mentioned but in revere. I already have a system (computer) that produces excellent

  • A Nvidia Tegra 3: A Whole New Level of Mobile Gaming

    - in Articles > Android

    of debate, but we expect that this will open up a whole new world of mobile gaming. Nvidia is already advertising the fact that you can hook up a Tegra 3 tablet to a 3D monitor or HDTV and use a PS3, Xbox 360, or Wii controller

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