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  • B Roland VS-1680 i need help

    - in Forums

    Last message : I have the same problems bro. I can record and it sounds great. But I'm not sure how to master the product or how to actually burn it to a CD. Have you found an answer, through Roland or someone else more familiar with this particular

  • B Roland VS-1680 i need help

    - in Forums

    Last message : on the but i cant. Unless i use an electric kit, but those suck. I have a drum software and everything.But i just cant get the track on my workstation. I've tried RCA cables, and they dont work. It only works on the outs. I need a cable or usb

  • B To Roland Mösl

    - in Forums

    Last message : Archived from groups: comp.sys.laptops ([url=]More info?) "Krystian Polak" wrote in message news:c5sr7o$8rr$ > Roland, one question. If Centrino

  • B please! midi help urgent needed

    - in Forums

    Last message : i just got a roland mc 505 (in/out) and a korg trinity (in/out/thru). i have the traktor s4 and want to connect them to it as midi how do i do it ? i want to be able to record in ableton as midi sorry, i am really a newbie in midi

  • A Setting Up Your First 64-Bit Digital Audio Workstation

    - in Articles > Business Computing

    You already know how to build a PC. But do you know how to take desktop hardware components and turn them into a digital audio workstation? John Brandon discusses how he pieced together his latest musical creation, along with the accompa...

  • B Need fast USB3 build that handles heat well to capture extended video from Roland VR-50HD

    - in Forums

    Last message : 100i from Corsair. They're super safe and pretty quiet. I haven't heard of anyone ever having leaks. Plus, surely they're using non-conductive fluid in these coolers. Best of luck and drop back in if you have more questions we can help with!

  • B Proper Motherboard for Music Producing

    - in Forums

    Last message : the I/O requirements are and if he needs MIDI support. I would also recommend an external DAC. I liked the features of the Roland OCTA-Capture but it was a little expensive...$700-$900 or so. If he is a professional, the answers should be easy

  • B Will this PC run Battlefield 3 Ultra settings

    - in Forums

    Last message : [quotemsg=11931316,0,1391590]roland i think you misread the title, he wanted bf3 (its strange but he wanted it :P) OP, you should max it out easily with your gpu

  • B Draw Distance + Clutter = Lag. Why?

    - in Forums

    Last message : [quotemsg=11763154,0,1427904]That A6 is an FM1 chip and the FX 6300 is an AM3+ chip so you'd need a new motherboard. Upgrading to the FX 6300 would help since BF3 can take advantage of those extra cores. Looking at this, The 651k and 3870

  • B There's a fork in (the road to) my Build... Need Advice

    - in Forums

    Last message : I am replacing a 7 year old laptop with a desktop build from the ground up. A friend of mine heard I was going to be undertaking this project and in addition to offering some help with assembly gave me his barely used HAF X case and power

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