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AMD - Page 2


reviews - JANUARY 29 98

Now that AMD's Radeon R7 240 and 250 are here, we want to know a little more about what the sub-$100 market looks like. Can the latest Oland-based boards serve up playable performance in the latest titles, or...

news - JANUARY 27 18

Gigabyte drops dedicated gaming Brix right after CES.

news - JANUARY 18 81

This lawsuit alleges that AMD violated the Securities Exchange Act.

news - JANUARY 16 5

Gigabyte this week announced official support for AMD's new Kaveri APUs. The company says its Kaveri support will include AMD A88X and A55 motherboards as well as upcoming A78 motherboards.

reviews - JANUARY 16 172

We've spent the days following CES benchmarking two of AMD's new Kaveri-based APUs. Do the Steamroller x86 architecture, GCN graphics design, and HSA-oriented features impress, or do they come up short against...

news - JANUARY 14 36

AMD has launched three new A-Series APUs.

reviews - JANUARY 9 72

We're in the process of testing Radeon R9 290X cards from AMD's board partners, and were curious how they all fare in a closed chassis. Corsair's deluxe Obsidian 900D offers lots of airflow, so we dusted off a...

news - JANUARY 7 48

AMD reveals more on Kaveri, its next generation APU

news - DECEMBER 6 27

Custom coolers for the R9 290 will come out anywhere between mid-December and early January. Custom R9 290X's will follow.

reviews - DECEMBER 2 27

Have you ever come up with your own idea for a killer rig? Don't forget to tell us about it on the Tom's Hardware forums. The following ten setups were configured by forum members and chosen as winners in the...

news - NOVEMBER 21 15

This Temash-based notebook has a touch screen supporting ten fingers.

news - NOVEMBER 19 17

AMD will showcase a gaming tablet during CES 2014.

news - NOVEMBER 18 31

AMD explains why DirectCompute is needed in PC gaming.

news - NOVEMBER 18 8

Chris Roberts and four other developers talk about the future of gaming and more.

reviews - NOVEMBER 18 65

After receiving an enormous amount of feedback on our Radeon R9 290X review, we grabbed yet another retail board, which demonstrated the same performance issues under load as we saw in our earlier...

news - NOVEMBER 15 23

Unfortunately, Battlefield 4 isn't going to be universally available for all AMD Radeon R9 GPU buyers.

news - NOVEMBER 15 32

AMD is sprucing up its FirePro line with the addition of a new S10000 model.

news - NOVEMBER 14 42

AMD had several sessions discussing Mantle.

news - NOVEMBER 14 22

We take the HD version of Oculus Rift and TrueAudio for a test spin.

news - NOVEMBER 13 21

AMD has introduced new low-power APUs at its developer summit.

reviews - NOVEMBER 13 31

AMD packages up another sub-$200 graphics card, this time calling it the Radeon R9 270. We expected a Radeon HD 7850 replacement, but received something quite different. Is it a worthwhile step up, or just a...

reviews - NOVEMBER 13 31

AMD's Radeon team spent a day with us last week, graciously fielding questions from the Tom's Hardware community about its technology. The topics ranged from seriously technical to downright humorous. We've...

news - NOVEMBER 12 25

AMD gets a boost.

reviews - NOVEMBER 8 334

We first observed differences between the Radeon R9 290X cards that AMD sent out for review and the ones being sold online just before our R9 290 coverage went live. After additional testing, we have answers,...

news - NOVEMBER 7 8

It's the world's first Battlefield 4 tournament.

news - NOVEMBER 6 45

Star Citizen will utilize AMD's Mantle API.