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AMD - Page 6


news - MAY 2 32

AMD has cut the prices of ten of its chips.

news - MAY 1 15

An MSI branded version of AMD's Radeon HD 7730 has surfaced on and is evidently on sale in China.

news - MAY 1 13

AMD's upcoming A6-1450 "Temash" SoC, which made a brief appearance on Acer's website, powered the Aspire V5-122P-0643 notebook.

news - APRIL 30 27

The latest additions to AMD's FX series of CPUs are essentially faster and hungrier versions of the FX-4300 and FX-6300 processors.

news - APRIL 30 32

AMD's hUMA technology builds upon the "intelligent computing architecture" featured in the company's APUs and aims to properly utilise the processing power offered by GPUs.

news - APRIL 27 2

Origin PC and Maingear add the HD 7990 to their lineup of graphics cards from which to choose.

news - APRIL 26 30

Three more manufacturers have released their HD 7990 graphics cards. Unsurprisingly, it's more of the same.

news - APRIL 25 6

Biostar may have revealed that AMD will be releasing four business class "Richland" APUs in June 2013.

news - APRIL 25 11

AMD releases its Catalyst 13.4 WHQL Drivers.

news - APRIL 24 9

AMD’s new Embedded G-Series SoC Platform features its next generation “Jaguar” CPU architecture, Radeon HD 8000 graphics and is advertised as offering “exceptional performance with shared resources to...

news - APRIL 24 8

A number of different manufacturers have already released their HD 7990 graphics cards, and unsurprisingly, they are all nearly identical.

reviews - APRIL 24 131

We've been waiting for this since 2011. AMD is ready to unveil its Radeon HD 7990, featuring a pair of Tahiti graphics processors. Can the dual-slot board capture our hearts with great compute and 3D...

news - APRIL 23 16

A roadmap image of AMD's Never Settle bundle has been leaked, and it shows some promising titles.

news - APRIL 23 36

The HD 7990 has been benchmarked and the mighty numbers have been leaked out.

news - APRIL 20 22

The final specifications of AMDs soon-to-be-released Radeon HD 7990 graphics card have come onto the stage.

news - APRIL 20 17

Apple's Koduri and Keller are together again, only this time under AMD's roof.

news - APRIL 18 26

The Titan Supercomputer at Oak Ridge National Laboratory will now be both the world’s most powerful computer and feature the world’s fastest storage system.

news - APRIL 18 12

AMD's upcoming HD 8970 flagship mobile part has just emerged on Ebay, and we're hoping that there's more to this story than what meets the eye.

news - APRIL 17 31

An "engineering sample" of AMD's upcoming Radeon HD 7990 graphics card is currently on sale on Ebay for $30,100.

news - APRIL 17 18

AMD will likely have a paper launch of the HD 7990 on April 24th, and we've come across some 5-screen Tomb Raider Eyefinity goodness.

news - APRIL 17 12

Sapphire has announced the arrival of yet another HD 7790 graphics card.

news - APRIL 15 12

Every tier of AMD's "Never Settle: Reloaded" bundle now includes Far Cry 3's Blood Dragon standalone expansion.

news - APRIL 12 59

AMD is supposedly planning a limited edition "Centurion" CPU for a summer release based on a refreshed "Vishera" design.

news - APRIL 11 4

MSI is rolling out two new HD 7970 cards, both almost identical except the clock speeds.

news - APRIL 11 5

Club3D is releasing the first commercially available MST Hub for the DisplayPort 1.2 standard.

reviews - APRIL 11 118

We've heard it said before that AMD's GPUs are more platform-dependent than Nvidia's. So, what happens when you drop a Radeon and a GeForce into an FX-8350-based system? Does AMD's CPU get in the way of its GPU...