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news - APRIL 23 0

Tilt the phone to reveal extra menus and more.

news - APRIL 15 11

Expect Amazon to reveal its first smartphone in June.

Amazon on the Community

Amazon experts answer your questions

news - APRIL 14 5

Amazon is expected to reveal its smartphone in June.

news - APRIL 10 11

Devs already playing around with Amazon's Fire TV.

news - APRIL 9 15

Here's a new scanner Amazon is testing.

news - APRIL 3 8

Amazon's much-rumored Fire TV is here.

news - MARCH 14 9

Amazon has a gamepad, and it packs hints at what could be next.

news - FEBRUARY 7 12

Something big seems to be brewing in the House of Amazon.

news - JANUARY 29 8

The device will be more than just a console.

news - JANUARY 23 30

Is Rockstar finally prepping the PC version of GTA V?

news - DECEMBER 27 15

Amazon was taking tech "calls" from the Mayday button on Christmas.

news - DECEMBER 18 6

Amazon may launch a Kindle smartphone in the first half of 2014.

news - DECEMBER 16 3

You don't have to break the bank to get Amazon's Kindle HDX.

news - DECEMBER 10 21

eBay is going to stick with current delivery methods for eBay Now.

news - DECEMBER 2 7

One more place you can snag yourself a Moto G.

news - DECEMBER 2 10

The iPad Air might be 'magical,' but the Kindle Fire is lighter, features a sharper display, and costs less money.

news - DECEMBER 2 32

It could soon be a drone and not the mailman leaving your packages on your porch.

news - DECEMBER 1 19

Amazon is currently investigating whether certain warehouse jobs meet legal requirements.

news - NOVEMBER 25 4

Could we see a new Kindle Paperwhite in the first half of 2014?

news - NOVEMBER 21 13

Amazon hasn't said how long this discount is going to last.

news - NOVEMBER 20 2

In an effort to add a bit more value to their streaming service, by signing on exclusive shows including House of Cards and Orange is the New Black. Amazon is preparing their entry in this fight with Alpha...