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Android - Page 34


Google’s Android operating system powers everything from Smartphones to Tablets to Netbooks. Tom’s Hardware is dedicated to getting all of the latest devices, testing them, and passing along our impressions to make you a more informed shopper.

news - OCTOBER 19 2

Galaxy S III users in the United Kingdom are in for some Jelly Bean action in the coming weeks.

news - OCTOBER 18 5

Contains a Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core processor and 1GB of system memory, as well as running on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

news - OCTOBER 18 6

Media event tipped to announce search engine giant and LG's next Nexus smartphone, as well as new models for its flagship Nexus 7 tablet.

news - OCTOBER 18 24

Decision to release budget-priced tablet makes sense to provide competition for iPad Mini.

news - OCTOBER 17 3

Device will compete against the likes of iPad Mini (rumored price of $250 to $300), and Google's Nexus 7 tablet ($250).

news - OCTOBER 17 43

Total pixel resolution of 1,920 x 1,080, as well as 440ppi pixel density.

news - OCTOBER 17 28

Patent spending stemming from the smartphone industry exceeded $20 billion last year.

news - OCTOBER 17 6

The Pure Google Android tablet finding many homes in the UK.

news - OCTOBER 17 20

The FTC may push forward with an antitrust case against Google based on complaints that it tampers with search results to lower competitor rankings.

news - OCTOBER 15 30

The FBI is warning Android device owners about Loozfon and FinFisher.

news - OCTOBER 15 12

Device offers a dual-core 1GHz processor and 10 hours of battery life.

news - OCTOBER 13 19

Specifications leak follows a day after Galaxy S3 Mini was announced.

news - OCTOBER 12 17

LG's Nexus 4's first photoshoot?

news - OCTOBER 12 8

Google and Samsung will probably wait until the iPad 4 shows its face in 1H13 before launching a 10-inch Google Experience (Nexus 10) tablet.

news - OCTOBER 12 3

Galaxy S III Mini will be on shelves three weeks from today.

news - OCTOBER 12 4

The Droid Razr HD and Droid Razr Maxx HD will be in Verizon stores starting next week.

news - OCTOBER 12 6

That was quick.

news - OCTOBER 12 5

Clear image of unannounced smartphone also leaked.

news - OCTOBER 12 3

You don't need a card for this library.

news - OCTOBER 11 12

Four-inch screen will provide an interesting challenge to the iPhone 5.

news - OCTOBER 11 12

Cat's out of the bag.

news - OCTOBER 10 9

The latest build of Android "Jelly Bean" brings a horizontal mode to 7-inch tablets.

news - OCTOBER 10 3

This Android-based gamepad will be sold at Walmart, Best Buy, Toys"R"Us, T-Mobile and Amazon. later this month.

news - OCTOBER 9 24

Is Google planning another tablet.

news - OCTOBER 9 16

$1000+ device will only be available in black.

news - OCTOBER 9 16

Google paid $12.5 billion for Motorola to predominately acquire their patents portfolio.