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Android - Page 36


Google’s Android operating system powers everything from Smartphones to Tablets to Netbooks. Tom’s Hardware is dedicated to getting all of the latest devices, testing them, and passing along our impressions to make you a more informed shopper.

news - SEPTEMBER 26 5

The Note II will be here before you know it.

news - SEPTEMBER 26 4

There was some hefty criticism Nvidia had to face from the Linux community about its tight grip on its Tegra graphics core.

news - SEPTEMBER 25 31

Motorola wants you to know you won't get lost using a Droid RAZR.

news - SEPTEMBER 25 35

Eric Schmidt talks about the possibility of Google Maps for iOS 6.

reviews - SEPTEMBER 24 26

Today, Google and GitHub unveil the mysterious project RoboHornet. This ambitious all-in-one Web browser performance benchmark is like no other seen before, and we have early access! Will RoboHornet become the...

news - SEPTEMBER 24 7

Silicon Power has released a portable hard drive that can share media wirelessly to mobile devices.

news - SEPTEMBER 23 23

Samsung's Galaxy S III finally gets some love in the battery-case department.

news - SEPTEMBER 23 36

Samsung is reportedly preparing more patent infringement claims against Apple.

news - SEPTEMBER 22 7

PowerA's MOGA brings you one step closer to the ultimate mobile gaming experience.

news - SEPTEMBER 21 13

This Kickstarter project features a Bluetooth mobile keyboard that can be folded into a box.

news - SEPTEMBER 21 4

Heads up, Android users.

news - SEPTEMBER 20 27

There goes another retailer, refusing to carry current and future Kindle tablets and eReaders.

news - SEPTEMBER 20 14

A report coming out of Taiwan suggests that Medfield is "struggling" against the ARM processor manufacturers.

news - SEPTEMBER 20 60

Samsung just couldn't resist taking another shot at Apple.

news - SEPTEMBER 19 1

Amazon's Cloud Player is finally coming to the United Kingdom, just in time for the Kindle Fire launch.

news - SEPTEMBER 19 0

It's one small step towards kicking Google off its Kindle Fire tablets.

news - SEPTEMBER 18 46

Slide shows Asus' Windows 8 slates won't be cheap.

news - SEPTEMBER 18 34

Phone will launch in UK, France, Germany, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico to start with.

news - SEPTEMBER 18 26

Why clutter your office with a bulky desktop when you can purchase this PC-on-a-stick packed with Android goodness?

news - SEPTEMBER 17 23

Company wants staff using the same devices as its users.

news - SEPTEMBER 17 64

HTC files a patent infringement suit against Apple for its LTE-capable iPhone 5, and Samsung may soon follow.

news - SEPTEMBER 17 39

Samsung couldn't resist taking a jab at Apple's newest phone.

news - SEPTEMBER 17 10

Google mobile chief tweets an impressive milestone for Android.

news - SEPTEMBER 16 38

Smartphone concept docks into a collection of devices to become a tablet, laptop or PC.

news - SEPTEMBER 15 11

Consumers can now purchase the 7-inch Kindle Fire HD and the revamped Kindle Fire.

news - SEPTEMBER 14 33

Google supposedly threatened to cut off Android support to Acer if the handset maker launches a phone with a rival mobile OS.