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Android - Page 42


Google’s Android operating system powers everything from Smartphones to Tablets to Netbooks. Tom’s Hardware is dedicated to getting all of the latest devices, testing them, and passing along our impressions to make you a more informed shopper.

news - JULY 19 1

Allow our hottest deals from LogicBuy to ease your gadget itch.

news - JULY 18 19

It's our first few hours with Google's Nexus 7 Android tablet.

news - JULY 17 4

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news - JULY 17 9

Start watching for the postman!

news - JULY 17 11

Developers are reporting that their snow-white Nexus 7 tablets quickly absorbing stains.

news - JULY 16 1

Got a bad case of the Mondays? Cheer yourself up with some hot deals, courtesy of our friends at LogicBuy.

news - JULY 16 33

The Ouya team is now working with Nvidia to optimize the Android console for Tegra 3.

news - JULY 14 6

Why not indulge in some retail therapy to aid a relaxing weekend?

news - JULY 14 37

Raspberry Pi better watch out, there's a new compact solution in town.

news - JULY 11 20

Is your iPad starting to feel a bit small?

news - JULY 11 0

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news - JULY 9 42

As insulting as it may be, Samsung has won a small victory against Apple in the UK.

news - JULY 8 11

Following the announcement of the Google Nexus 7 tablet, Archos is the first budget tablet vendor to follow up with its own version of a $250 tablet.

news - JULY 5 8

Earlier this week, the folks at iFixit took apart Google's Nexus 7 tablet device. Now they're turning their attention (and their tools) to the Nexus Q.

news - JULY 5 32

Cost wasn't the number one priority.

news - JULY 4 14

Google Maps for Android now helps you navigate UK department stores, too.

news - JULY 4 9

iFixit undresses the first Nexus-branded tablet.

news - JUNE 30 38

The beginning of the end of Flash Player on Android.

news - JUNE 29 38

HP has supposedly bailed out of the Windows RT race while other Microsoft partners are considering the same, thanks to Surface.

reviews - JUNE 29 12

Google unveiled its Nexus 7 tablet and Android 4.1 update. We did deeper and take a more technical look. But that's not all. We go over some new additions on Google+, and share a quick demo of an impressive...

news - JUNE 28 5

No Q for the UK market.

news - JUNE 28 15

The UK will get the Nexus 7 at the same time as the U.S., but will pay more for the device.

news - JUNE 23 43

One Galaxy SIII owner has had to have his phone replaced after it caught fire while he was driving.

news - JUNE 23 15

Samsung is giving UK users free access to an app that will help them make the move from the iPhone to a Galaxy device.

news - JUNE 21 102

Chief of Foxconn's parent company says the iPhone 5 will shame the Galaxy SIII.

news - JUNE 21 18

U.S. residents have a chance at taking home a Samsung Android tablet. Enter now!