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After rigorous testing, we conferred awards on these displays as the best in class for the following segments: gaming, business, professional, Ultra HD, jumbo, ultra-wide or touchscreen.


Are you having a hard time keeping track of the best motherboards out there? Our resident motherboard expert helps you pick the right platform with this collection of award-winning boards covering today's top...

Asus on the Community

Asus experts answer your questions

news - DECEMBER 4 20

Asus' ROG GTX 980 Matrix is over-engineered, and it's totally cool!

Tutorial - JUNE 11

These are the best quality motherboards for getting the most out of your FX CPU: Budget: - MSI 970 GAMING ...

news - DECEMBER 1 13

Asus has also built a Mini-ITX GTX 970 graphics card, and it looks surprisingly familiar.

news - NOVEMBER 28 34

There are five drivers located on each side for true 7.1 surround immersion.

news - NOVEMBER 11 18

Asus' new gaming mouse comes with a heap of extra accessories for customization.

news - NOVEMBER 3 15

Asus' new Z97-Pro Gamer looks like an excellent budget-oriented gaming board that, sadly, won't be coming to the U.S.

news - OCTOBER 22 15

Xotic PC is partnering with Asus ROG on a limited edition gaming PC called REAPER.

news - OCTOBER 15 2

Here is another unofficial Steam Machine.

news - OCTOBER 15 1

Asus launched the new PadFone X Mini with Intel's first LTE modem on AT&T's network for only $200 on the GoPhone prepaid service.

news - OCTOBER 7 11

Asus is shipping a gaming notebook and a 2-in-1 hybrid notebook.

news - SEPTEMBER 19 28

Yesterday Nvidia launched its Maxwell-based GTX 980 and GTX 970 graphics cards, and today we bring you a roundup of various cards from the company's authorized board partners.

news - SEPTEMBER 9 15

Asus' new gaming desktop packs a lot of power into a tiny package.

news - SEPTEMBER 5 23

Asus' ROG Ares III graphics card moves to a fully-water cooled design.

news - SEPTEMBER 4 14

Is it true that using a Haswell-E CPU in the Asus OC Socket will void its warranty?

reviews - SEPTEMBER 2 64

On paper, the new Tonga-based R9 285 looks to be slightly slower than the R9 280 it is intended to replace, but there's more than meets the eye.

news - AUGUST 29 16

Asus has four X99 motherboards to announce, and for now just three will be available immediately. All four motherboards feature the LGA2011-3 socket, and all of them have support for the new Haswell-E...

news - AUGUST 28 36

This is one of the X99 boards you've been waiting for, in all its glory.

news - AUGUST 26 37

This is Asus' X99 Deluxe, and while it might be lacking M.2, it does look pretty.

news - AUGUST 19 50

Chi-Kui Lam from Hong Kong has set a new overclocking world record.

news - AUGUST 15 12

Asus' Maximus VII Impact has finally officially been announced.

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