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Targeting power-misers, AMD’s low-energy Kabini-based APUs could easily find their way into entertainment PCs, office machines, and PoS terminals. Of course, you need a motherboard to make it a “platform”...


We've seen plenty of buzz about the beauty of gaming at 3840x2160. Up until now, though, that meant spending several grand on a 4K monitor. Asus drives the price down to $650 with its 28-inch PB287Q. But are...

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news - JULY 7 3

EKWB has listed its water blocks for two of Asus' Matrix graphics cards.

Tutorial - JUNE 11

These are the best quality motherboards for getting the most out of your FX CPU: Budget: - MSI 970 GAMING ...

news - JULY 5 5

The chairman talks about the upcoming Asus smartwatch.

news - JUNE 27 8

Asus' new docking station has a whole variety of standard-fare ports.

news - JUNE 26 2

This smartwatch is expected to ship this Fall.

news - JUNE 26 7

Customers can pre-purchase Netgear's upcoming tri-band router now.

news - JUNE 18 11

Soon you'll be able to overclock your unlocked Intel Haswell or Haswell refresh CPU on a non Z-series motherboard.

news - JUNE 10 15

Asus showcased white motherboards at Computex, along with a four lane PCIe-to-M.2 adapter.

news - JUNE 3 16

Asus is showcasing a limited edition graphics card and a Nvidia G-SYNC monitor.

news - JUNE 3 3

Three new motherboards are on display at COMPUTEX 2014.

news - JUNE 3 5

ASUS Republic of Gamers intros a gaming PC, a console gaming PC, and a gaming laptop.

news - JUNE 2 17

Asus has announced a 4K monitor that will run at the full 60 Hz off a single cable.

news - JUNE 2 14

Asus' new laptop will come with a four-lane M.2 SSD and a 4K IPS display.

news - JUNE 2 0

Asus announced its Transformer Book V at Computex. It's a multifunction device (phone, laptop, tablet) that runs Android and Windows 8.1.

news - MAY 28 2

Six months later, the U.S. is finally getting its first PadFone.

news - MAY 27 16

Asus' new Strix graphics cards can turn off their fans when running cool for zero noise.

news - MAY 23 5

This router is capable of 600 Mbps.

news - MAY 14 0

Asus' Z97 WS can be used to build a serious workhorse.

reviews - MAY 13 56

Tom’s Hardware readers set a higher bar for enthusiast-class motherboards, demanding overclocking capabilities and more robust feature sets. Priced from $120 to $160, we welcome the first five Z97...

news - MAY 8 6

Asus just launched two new Chromebooks.