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BlackBerry offers business-oriented smartphones for both personal and enterprise customers. Tom's Hardware keeps you informed on new developments in BlackBerry's business, their hardware, and their software.

news - SEPTEMBER 24 23

BlackBerry announced a new smartphone today, called the "Passport." The device comes with mostly competitive specs for a flagship, but the strange shape and wide keyboard that's hard to use with one hand may...

news - SEPTEMBER 11 0

Blackberry tries to strengthen its position in enterprise by acquiring a virtual SIM company called Movirtu that can provide multiple phone numbers on the same phone for work and personal environments.

BlackBerry on the Community

BlackBerry experts answer your questions

news - AUGUST 7 0

The Department of Defense has granted BlackBerry's Secure Work space the STIG.

news - JULY 16 2

BlackBerry is working on its own personal assistant.

news - JUNE 19 1

BlackBerry's passport is packing its bags and heading for the UK this Autumn.

news - JUNE 19 4

BlackBerry 10 users will have access to Amazon's entire Android app library.

news - FEBRUARY 25 8

Two new phones, including one that should appeal to classic BlackBerry fans.

news - FEBRUARY 14 6

There's a new BBM in town.

news - FEBRUARY 12 19

This phone will not appear until Summer 2015.

news - FEBRUARY 11 1

Leaving BlackBerry was his choice, the company says.

news - JANUARY 29 13

BlackBerry's latest OS update unlocks the FM radio, and more.

news - JANUARY 1 8

BlackBerry's new CEO reveals the company's roadmap to success.

news - DECEMBER 29 15

BlackBerry's CEO seems keen on the idea of bringing more services to Android, iOS.

news - DECEMBER 27 7

Even the co-founders aren't purchasing BlackBerry Limited.

news - DECEMBER 21 12

BlackBerry is still alive.

news - DECEMBER 19 4

This deal should be a big win for BlackBerry.

news - NOVEMBER 26 20

A number of key people have left the building.

news - NOVEMBER 20 15

Just in case you have that kind of money lying around, you know?

news - NOVEMBER 7 5

This may be one of the reasons why BlackBerry is no longer for sale.

news - NOVEMBER 5 7

Thorsten Heins is leaving after less than two years at BlackBerry.

news - NOVEMBER 1 20

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that just last week BlackBerry reps were sitting down with Facebook to discuss possible buyout options.