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Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Safari: which should you choose? Which browser is the fastest and most powerful? What extensions can you install? To answer all these questions and many others, follow Tom's Hardware.

news - JULY 21 13

A Chrome for Windows bug can drain a laptop's battery.

news - JUNE 17 1

Interested web surfers and developers can now download and use a Developer Channel version of Internet Explorer.

Browsers on the Community

Browsers experts answer your questions

news - APRIL 29 31

This can't be good for Windows XP users.

Tutorial - DECEMBER 31

When you’re creating a webpage on Dreamweaver, the Dreamweaver provides many ways in which you can preview the...

news - APRIL 22 5

Virtual World Web is collaborating with Oculus VR and Virtuix.

news - MARCH 17 22

End of the line before Metro Firefox ever got off the ground.

news - FEBRUARY 15 25

The need for (smooth) speed.

news - FEBRUARY 12 34

Mozilla today announced plans to put ads inside its Firefox browser. If you're already a Firefox user, you likely won't see any at all.

news - JANUARY 16 17

Use Chrome to browse and cut down on your bandwidth consumption.

news - JANUARY 15 4

Google has cloned the Chrome OS interface with this latest Chrome browser release.

news - JANUARY 14 8

Mozilla wants a verification system for software.

news - JANUARY 11 9

Quake Live can now be played from the desktop.

news - NOVEMBER 21 59

Microsoft's Scroogled campaign continues.

news - NOVEMBER 9 65

The new face of IE is a cartoon character named Inori.

news - NOVEMBER 7 55

Internet Explorer 11 is finally officially on Windows 7.

news - OCTOBER 29 5

Here's a good way to see who is tracking your browsing habits.

news - OCTOBER 18 10

Fixya reports in a new study that Safari was found to be the most usable of mobile browsers.

news - OCTOBER 16 14

Google announced that their Chrome browser will continue to receive patches until a full year after Microsoft cuts support.

news - OCTOBER 16 10

If Google is going to track your device use, you might as well be rewarded for it.

news - OCTOBER 1 0

BBC iPlayer Radio just added an awesome new feature.

news - SEPTEMBER 28 11

Mozilla is phasing out old plugin technology.

news - SEPTEMBER 26 7

Google opens the door to the past, showing you what it was like 15 years ago.