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Business Computing - Page 60


Business computing encompasses hardware from servers to business-oriented laptops, and software from cloud-based enterprise solutions to small office suites. Tom's Hardware has the reviews and news to keep your business relevant.

news - MAY 7 27

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is being pressured for a decision on whether or not a new porn domain, .xxx, will be approved for adult websites.

news - MAY 6 21

Ouch. Acer didn't speak too fondly of AMD's XGP technology.

news - MAY 6 104

Nvidia chief scientist says that everyone needs to rethink processors in order for Moore's Law to continue.

news - MAY 6 12

Intel plans to change the face smartphone and tablet computing.

news - MAY 5 75

Apple may face an antitrust probe because of changes to its iPhone SDK policy, which now stipulates that developers cannot use outside software to develop iPhone or iPad applications and. As a result, devs...

news - MAY 4 29

IT admins reduce the need for hardware by installing this card in a data center and allowing workers to use the GPU across the network.

news - MAY 4 4

This diskless NAS is datacenter and cloud-ready.

news - MAY 4 29

Despite the fact that the last week has seen two Windows 7 tablets scrapped, Microsoft founder Bill Gates says the company is still working on a tablet project. In fact, Bill says the folks at Redmond are...

news - MAY 4 18

Google looking for a UI maker to bump itself to the top?

news - MAY 3 73

Adobe says that it is totally over Apple and is ready to move on.

news - MAY 1 35

First the Courier, now the HP Slate.

news - MAY 1 51

Palm has been saved--for now, that is.

news - APRIL 30 64

Yahoo! CEO Carol Bartz raised eyebrows earlier this week when she said Google needs to make itself known for something other than search.

news - APRIL 30 29

Carol Bartz last year left her position as CEO of Autodesk to join Yahoo! and it looks like it was a very lucrative move.

news - APRIL 30 24

New SSDs geared for high-end gaming, medical imaging, and more.

news - APRIL 30 87

Hands up who saw this one coming?

news - APRIL 30 69

Steve Jobs spends 1,700 words bashing Flash for mobile devices. Adobe's CEO isn't pleased.

news - APRIL 29 18

ARM CEO Warren East said that ARM-based servers should appear in 2011.

news - APRIL 29 34

ATI's professional line gets filled out.

reviews - APRIL 29 62

Having covered Linux installation, running Windows XP in Ubuntu, Internet applications, and a handful of open source communications titles, Adam Overa is back with a comprehensive look at office apps for...

news - APRIL 28 27

Well so much for Palm surviving as an independent company; HP has swooped in a snapped up the smartphone company for a cool $1.2 billion.

news - APRIL 28 13

Apple buys some semiconductor talent.

news - APRIL 28 30

Microsoft today showed off a little sneak peek of the next version of Windows Home Server.

news - APRIL 27 52

Swiss police have arrested a group of people said to have had plans to blow up a state of the art IBM nanotechnology research facility near Rueschlikon.

news - APRIL 27 16

It's faster than competitor products in the same price range.

news - APRIL 27 6

HP's new theme for its Integrity line of servers is blade-based.