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Chips are the packaging that hold a device's electronics – from processors to wireless communications to memory to voltage regulation. Tom's Hardware has news and information on a variety of chips.

news - SEPTEMBER 22 0

Mediatek intends to enter the wearables and IoT markets by getting as many developers interested in developing for its platforms as possible.

news - AUGUST 29 5

Today, Intel unveils its new Haswell-E processors and X99 chipset, and a deluge of new products are coming in short order. Also, want to win a killer gaming rig?

Chipsets on the Community

Chipsets experts answer your questions

news - AUGUST 29 3

CyberPowerPC can't wait to outfit its custom rigs with CPUs and motherboards sporting new Intel Haswell-E and X99 gear.

Tutorial - OCTOBER 3

With the introduction of the Haswell (LGA 1150), customers are asking for the models that match up to the Ivy...

news - JULY 14 1

Intel has sent out the termination notice for 7-Series chipsets and mobile processors.

news - MAY 16 0

Here's another PC maker offering Intel's new tech.

news - MAY 13 0

Here's another PC vendor using Intel's latest tech.

news - FEBRUARY 20 2

Broadcom is kicking off Mobile World Congress a bit early with the unveiling of a brand new chip aimed at fitness trackers and smart watches.

news - DECEMBER 26 86

Sources claim that Intel is releasing Haswell-E in 3Q14.

news - MAY 29 4

Intel's doing a spot of shopping.

news - MAY 18 11

Google want's to know everything, everywhere.

news - MAY 10 7

How each Project Shield will be made.

news - MAY 7 4

Infineon Technologies and GlobalFoundries have launched a joint technology development and product agreement for 40 nm embFLASH process technology.

news - MAY 3 4

Injured workers were external contractors hired by Samsung.

news - APRIL 17 22

It appears that Intel's 9-Series chipsets will feature the SATA Express standard.

news - MARCH 19 5

Warren East resigns.

news - MARCH 2 35

Manufacturers supposedly must acknowledge certain issues with the Haswell platform before Intel ships them processors.

news - FEBRUARY 27 4

TI's next-generation wireless charging chips will support both the Qi standard and the PMA's new Power 2.0 spec.

news - FEBRUARY 22 9

Qualcomm's new Snapdragon-friendly chipset supports all seven cellular modes, making the smartphone truly global.

news - FEBRUARY 20 13

AMD's Temash APU will sport Turbo Dock technology.

news - FEBRUARY 19 17

Nvidia is bringing the super phone experience to the mainstream smartphone market with the new Tegra 4i chip.

news - FEBRUARY 19 19

Gigabyte has released a fairly interesting little motherboard

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