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Cloud Computing


Cloud computing offers the promise of dynamic scaling according to need even for millions of users, while avoiding the costs of maintaining a worldwide network of servers which might sit idle when workloads are more modest. We can help you find the latest news and trends in cloud computing.

news - APRIL 3 9

SanDisk has announced some durable Enterprise-class SSDs.

news - FEBRUARY 14 6

Windows-flavored Chromebooks thanks to VMWare.

Cloud Computing on the Community

Cloud Computing experts answer your questions

news - FEBRUARY 4 38

A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.

Tutorial - MARCH 12

Setting up your very own personal cloud gives the user access to a potentially endless amount of data without...

news - DECEMBER 4 5

PlayStation streaming will begin towards the latter half of 2014.

news - NOVEMBER 11 0

Nvidia's GRID technology is enabling high-performance graphics in Amazon's cloud.

news - OCTOBER 3 11

Bad news for Seagate Cloud Storage users.

news - SEPTEMBER 28 17

Streaming Xbox 360 games to the PC and tablet may become a reality next year.

news - AUGUST 1 23

Microsoft hasn't offered any information on what the new name might be.

news - JULY 30 8

It's called CloudLight, and will choose a specific rendering scheme based on the target device.

news - JULY 7 41

Respawn and Microsoft will harness the power of Windows Azure.

news - JULY 3 18

Score one for BSkyB.

news - JUNE 20 4

Something for your next shopping list?

news - MAY 26 123

For every one Xbox One, three virtual consoles will be available in the cloud.

news - MAY 20 26

The next-generation Xbox sounds like it may knock your socks off.

news - MAY 16 2

It's a step up from Connectify Dispatch, and it uses the company's own servers in the cloud to make your connection faster. Updated with info about voting for the location of the next server.

news - APRIL 22 4

Amazon wants to take the hardware out of your hands.

news - MARCH 31 30

AMD's presentation at this year's GDC covered the strategies main tenets and outlined how the company was "effectively positioned to drive the next revolution in gaming."

news - MARCH 19 7

Ireland, Canada, Australia and others join the likes of the UK and U.S. as the Chromebook goes on sale in a host of new countries.

news - FEBRUARY 22 11

Shocker: It will be more expensive in the UK than in the U.S.

news - JANUARY 28 8

Here's a service similar to OnLive Desktop, but can be accessed through an HTML5-enabled browser on any device.

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