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Computex - Page 8


Each year, Tom's Hardware editors from around the world head to Taipei, Taiwan for Computex. Check here for coverage of the latest motherboards, processors, memory, graphics cards, storage devices, peripherals, and of course, the booth babes.

news - JUNE 8 1

There was definitely a theme this year when it came to Computex to this year; mobility.

news - JUNE 6 0

Taipei (Taiwan) - Shuttle, the makers of small form factor computers, is showing off an interesting new box that integrates a seven-inch touch panel screen into the front panel of the chassis.

news - JUNE 6 8

Taipei (Taiwan) - Hot on the heels of AMD's overclocking secret , we can reveal that Bloomfield and Lynnfield, key processors of Intel's upcoming Nehalem family, will indeed feature overclocking capabilities...

news - JUNE 6 37

Taipei (Taiwan) - AMD has pulled a rabbit out of its hat to increase the performance of its existing Phenom triple-core (8000-series) and quad-core (9000-series) processors.

news - JUNE 5 0

The Noahpad really surprised us at Computex this year. To say we’ve been overwhelmed by UMPCs this at this year’s show would be an understatement. We won’t get too into it but as you can tell from looking...

news - JUNE 5 1

VIA today announced an new standard for Mini-ITX boards with which it endeavours to ensure an “optimized multimedia and computing experience” in SFF PCs.

news - JUNE 5 0

Avermedia a company, which is known for its television and multimedia products, has showcased an interesting device at Computex this year; GPS on a TV Tuner stick

news - JUNE 5 2

Asus steps up the pressure on Creative by showing off the Xonar HDAV1.3, giving the PC audio world HDMI 1.3a compatibility. Running in a PCI Express x1 slot, the Xonar HDAV1.3 will decode lossless audio...

news - JUNE 5 1

When you go to a tradeshow you can always expect to see some products that look suspiciously like other products that have either been launched at the same tradeshow, or are already on the market.

news - JUNE 5 4

AU Optronics (AUO) has announced what it calls the world's first convex curved display after showcasing its concave curved display at SID 2008 in May.

news - JUNE 5 0

Taipei (Taiwan) - DFI is looking to get back to its glory days: In the past, the company made waves with its nForce 4 SLI motherboard, but the enthusiasm for the brand and DFI's products slowed has down.

news - JUNE 5 1

The WiMAX standard will help to provide Internet access where wired technologies such as DSL or Cable fail. Thanks to a plethora of WiMAX hardware available now, developing countries and rural areas can soon...

news - JUNE 5 0

FSP decided to ship its new top model PSU in a stylish aluminum box. It also showed off a boxed power supply with adjustable voltage for mobile computers.

news - JUNE 5 5

SonyNEC Optiarc is one of the key players in optical drives and related technology. We talked to the specialist to get some idea on when Blu-ray drives will have their breakthrough.

news - JUNE 5 0

LEDs provide an intensive light, which is brighter than the light emitted by bulbs of any kind. The car industry is working on LED head lights, but you could start with using an LED desk lamp by epro/Prodisc...

news - JUNE 5 6

We wrote about Coolermaster’s 80plus Silver certification, which stands for 87% maximum power efficiency. The Taiwanese PSU manufacturer CWT, Channel Well Technology, now claims to have reached 90%.

picture story - JUNE 5 68

There are always things to see at Computex, like computer hardware, and manufacturer reps. Other than that, not much else... right?

news - JUNE 5 11

Not to be forgotten in all the netbook/laptop madness happening at Computex, Gigabyte has launched the M912 notebook.

news - JUNE 5 0

We have to say that while we weren’t a all that surprised to see these digital photo frame-printers at Computex (come on, someone was bound to come up with that idea eventually), we were a little surprised to...

news - JUNE 5 16

Taipei (Taiwan) - In the latest round of rumors from Computex 2008, we learned that AMD managed to upset the majority of its partners by delaying the Radeon 4850 512MB GDDR3, code-named Makedon.

news - JUNE 5 0

When any business relies solely on a struggling partner, it’s often wise to diversify one’s product line. Sapphire Technologies, known for its AMD powered graphics cards, is jumping into the display...

news - JUNE 5 0

AMD whips out AMD Live! Home Entertainment. Live! Home Entertainment is yet another brand to add to the company’s portfolio of sticker brands. The new “state-of-the-art home entertainment system” is...

news - JUNE 5 0

As you may have noticed, it’s been quite the week for netbooks and nettops. Computex has seen a whole ream of additions to the subPCs and low-cost notebooks range. However, evidence from Computex aside, you...

news - JUNE 4 2

Taipei (Taiwan) - While walking the halls of the Computex trade show, we saw this interesting power supply with an integrated watt meter.

news - JUNE 4 9

Taipei (Taiwan) - Everyone is waiting for Intel's quad-core, eight-thread Nehalem processor later this year and we got a little sneak peak at the processor's stability and speed at a closed door meeting with...

news - JUNE 4 2

Taipei (Taiwan) - Thermaltake says a new metal alloy will improve the performance of its upcoming generation of compressor coolers.