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Cooler Master



Do you think that all power supplies are manufactured by the brand on the label? Think again. We show what makes a good PSU and reveal who builds them. You can actually find lots of quality (instead of just...


Although high-wattage power supplies get most of the glory, we take our hats off to small, efficient solutions offering more practical output. We take four sub-450 W PSUs and run them through our benchmark...

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Tutorial - JUNE 17

Credit to dottorrent. Original thread:

news - JULY 18 4

Cooler Master updates its Devastator and QuickFire Rapid-i products.

news - JULY 1 3

CM Storm's new gaming headset disguises as an ordinary set of in-ear headphones.

news - JUNE 4 2

Cooler Master is showcasing a number of products at Computex.

news - MAY 16 0

Cooler Master has three new PSUs.

news - APRIL 3 9

Meet Cooler Master's newest keyboard, the QuickFire Rapid-i.

reviews - FEBRUARY 12 30

Cooler Master’s Cosmos gaming cases are well-known for their extravagant carrying handles. The Cosmos SE is the smallest member of this line-up, selling for as low as $150 online. It has room for lots of fans...

reviews - DECEMBER 2 27

Have you ever come up with your own idea for a killer rig? Don't forget to tell us about it on the Tom's Hardware forums. The following ten setups were configured by forum members and chosen as winners in the...

news - NOVEMBER 27 10

Cooler Master's Nepton series of liquid coolers are designed "to bring water cooling to the next level."

news - OCTOBER 17 7

Cooler Master's latest mechanical keyboard is the Trigger-Z.

news - OCTOBER 16 13

These stackable cases can create interesting PC configurations.

reviews - OCTOBER 7 54

Four new closed-loop liquid coolers seek to improve thermal performance in a number of ways. We certainly understand the benefits of these configurations, but can they out-do the reigning air-cooling champion,...

news - SEPTEMBER 30 15

Cooler Master's new range of VS Series PSUs were designed to offer improved efficiency and increased heat dissipation.

news - SEPTEMBER 1 20

Cooler Master has announced a Mini-ITX enclosure that can house enthusiast hardware.

news - AUGUST 29 4

Cooler Master says its newest cooler is already available in stores (though we're having trouble locating it).

reviews - AUGUST 29 57

Ready for part two of our low-cost power supply round-up? Here are four more products, including Seasonic's SSR-360GP, which is 80 PLUS Gold-certified. Is this little 360 W PSU the bargain of the century, or is...

news - AUGUST 28 5

Cooler Master has officially announced its Cosmos SE chassis.

reviews - AUGUST 21 38

Cooler Master presented the newest member of its HAF family to us months ago in the Tom's Hardware office. Its HAF XB is a unique hybrid between a desktop case and a bench table, with two levels for different...