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CPUs - Page 46


CPUs serve as the heart and soul of your desktop, notebook, and tablet. But with so many devices, power budgets, and performance requirements, it’s not always easy to pick the right hardware. From AMD to Intel and x86 to ARM, Tom’s Hardware has you covered.

reviews - MARCH 15 64

After Intel's Core i3/Core i5 introduction and AMD's Athlon II/Phenom II refresh, things have been quiet on the CPU front. However, some prices have shifted and some familiar standbys are riding off into the...

reviews - MARCH 12 46

Intel is preemptively launching the first hexa-core desktop CPU weeks ahead of actual availability. But how does this 32nm monster perform when we take a deeper look into performance per watt? After yesterday's...

news - MARCH 11 45

The new Core i7-980X Extreme Edition processor costs $167 per core or $83 per thread.

reviews - MARCH 11 111

Already the performance leader in desktop processing, Intel is following its quad-core Bloomfield design up with Gulftown, a hexa-core design sporting 12MB of shared L3 cache. Is the lone Gulftown model, Core...

news - MARCH 11 51

I want to say one word to you. Just one word. Are you listening? "Plastics."

news - MARCH 10 56

Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang is ready to do battle against Intel.

news - MARCH 9 11

Dell's Vostro line is getting some Core i3, i5, and i7 love.

reviews - MARCH 9 48

Think your Athlon or Phenom processor is already tuned to deliver the best balance between performance and power consumption? Think again. We show you how to tweak Cool'n'Quiet for more aggressive power savings...

news - MARCH 9 63

Newegg quickly follows up with its customers after initially down-playing the situation as a wrong shipment of "demo" CPUs.

news - MARCH 8 93

Sources say Newegg has received a shipment of fake Core i7 processors.

news - MARCH 8 41

Intel has said it is investigating reports that Newegg shoppers have received fake Core i7 920 processors.

news - MARCH 6 173

Tell AMD what you might do with 48 cores and you could have your plans realized!

news - MARCH 5 12

The Atom to help you serve files.

news - MARCH 3 55

Patriot is showcasing the "world's fastest PC" at CeBIT 2010.

reviews - MARCH 3 60

Intel has S-models for several Core 2 processors that offer lower power consumption and comparable performance. However, the first S-model in the Core i5 family is actually slower than its regular...

news - MARCH 3 17

Yet another delay strikes this innovative product.

news - MARCH 3 34

This board is prepped for the hexacore AMD Phenom II X6.

news - MARCH 2 19

Archos is sporting a meatier Archos 9 tablet at ceBIT 2010.

news - MARCH 2 18

Intel has announced that one of the company top executives will take medical leave after suffering a stroke in his home.

news - MARCH 1 31

This Atom's running a little faster... but it could still use some outside help.

news - FEBRUARY 24 39

Intel comes forth and says that it too was hacked around the same time that Google was.

news - FEBRUARY 24 30

The daddy of 3D engines that powered Doom and Quake games gets recognized.

news - FEBRUARY 23 19

This nifty little square computer looks more like a fancy router.

reviews - FEBRUARY 22 77

January gave us a large refresh of AMD's sub-$150 CPU lineup. In this month's column, we have a look at the new models and note the impact pricing changes have had on our recommendations. Gone is the Pentium...

news - FEBRUARY 20 48

Still making money!

news - FEBRUARY 20 74

Fermi to spread in Spring/Summer 2010.