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CPUs - Page 48


CPUs serve as the heart and soul of your desktop, notebook, and tablet. But with so many devices, power budgets, and performance requirements, it’s not always easy to pick the right hardware. From AMD to Intel and x86 to ARM, Tom’s Hardware has you covered.

news - JANUARY 12 29

Make way for a ménage à trois of AMD mobile CPU cores.

news - JANUARY 10 31

With all the hubbub surrounding its new app store, the fact that Intel is showing off the first phone based on its Moorestown platform went largely unnoticed.

news - JANUARY 8 22

We might have seen a beautiful Tegra-powered tablet from ICD at CES this week but pretty soon, it's going to be all about Tegra 2.

reviews - JANUARY 8 78

Surprised by the tiny performance difference between our top-two System Builder Marathon machines, we decided to find out if the P55 platform really is good enough for several of AMD’s best graphics cards....

news - JANUARY 8 32

Nehalem for everyone!

news - JANUARY 5 13

The red version may seem faster, but it's not.

reviews - JANUARY 5 130

The new dual-core Clarkdale CPUs from Intel are here, and they deliver impressive performance. Today, we look at how Core i5-661 compares to AMD’s Athlon II X2 and Phenom II X2 on the 785G platform. Who’s...

reviews - JANUARY 4 20

We've already given you a first-look at Intel's Calpella platform in the Mobile Core i7-920XM. Now the company is filling out its next-gen mobile lineup with its Arrandale-based CPUs sporting 32nm dual-core...

reviews - JANUARY 4 82

After knocking out the high-end and mid-range with its Bloomfield- and Lynnfield-based processors, Intel is looking for blood in the entry-level space. But that's AMD's turf. Does a Core i5-661 have what it...

news - DECEMBER 31 46

Need a new rig? Enter our System Builder Marathon contest!

news - DECEMBER 31 66

Continue to run the modern classic OS from inside your pocket.

reviews - DECEMBER 29 76

Now that the Core i5 and Core i7 CPUs include Turbo Boost technology, automatically increasing clock rate when there's thermal headroom to spare, is it still worthwhile for enthusiasts to overclock? We run our...

news - DECEMBER 22 41

Let the good times roll.

news - DECEMBER 22 16

The next-generation of Atom is here. Say hello to Pinetrail.

reviews - DECEMBER 21 57

Intel's Atom processor family showed promise when it launched back in 2008, but it certainly wasn't an ideal desktop platform. Atom is back with an integrated memory controller, on-die graphics, and a new...

news - DECEMBER 19 45

Intel to debut new Core i3, i5 CPUs at CES 2010

news - DECEMBER 19 68

Nvidia's way past diplomacy now.

news - DECEMBER 17 19

So... would this be a best case scenario?

news - DECEMBER 17 27

Tegra 2 is coming at CES. Get ready for something more hardcore than the Zune HD.

news - DECEMBER 17 42

Nvidia Chief weighs in on Intel's FTC strife.

news - DECEMBER 17 28

Big badda-boom!

reviews - DECEMBER 17 53

This holiday season doesn't bring any major processor launches our way, but a handful of price changes do shift some of our sub-$150 recommendations. Come check out the latest Best Gaming CPUs For The Money...

news - DECEMBER 16 44

Intel calls the FTC case "misguided."

news - DECEMBER 16 46

Just as Intel clears one problem, another one appears.

news - DECEMBER 15 80

The mighty Gulftown will be one of the Core i7 boys.

news - DECEMBER 14 9

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