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CPUs - Page 49


CPUs serve as the heart and soul of your desktop, notebook, and tablet. But with so many devices, power budgets, and performance requirements, it’s not always easy to pick the right hardware. From AMD to Intel and x86 to ARM, Tom’s Hardware has you covered.

news - DECEMBER 7 76

Intel officials say that Larrabee is being delayed indefinitely.

news - DECEMBER 4 56

Happy that your video card costs more than a console... or two?

news - DECEMBER 4 43

Get your Gulftown in the grey market.

news - DECEMBER 2 69

Intel's latest prototype could eventually see what you're doing while dancing in front of the monitor.

news - NOVEMBER 30 24

Core i5 and Core i3 details sound plausible.

news - NOVEMBER 25 61

Is your PC power massive enough to be effective?

news - NOVEMBER 25 64

Win a decked-out gaming PC from Ballistic!

news - NOVEMBER 24 97

Early Gulftown engineering sample previewed.

reviews - NOVEMBER 23 69

Welcome to another edition of our Best Gaming CPUs for the Money. This month we have a handful of AMD-based processor introductions to factor into our recommendations. Moreover, Intel's Core i5-750 finds itself...

news - NOVEMBER 21 122

I just hope that our brains won't BSOD.

news - NOVEMBER 20 29

It's baaaaaack -- but it's not easy.

news - NOVEMBER 19 23

Now all we need are wind-powered cars.

news - NOVEMBER 16 87

Cray Inc.'s AMD-powered Jaguar system has snagged the coveted title of fastest computer in the world.

news - NOVEMBER 14 67

But can they play Crisis?*

news - NOVEMBER 13 17

Another day, another deal. Happy shopping!

news - NOVEMBER 12 76

Intel digs deep into its pocket once again to settle competition with AMD.

news - NOVEMBER 11 19

Intel this week launched the Intel Reader, a device aimed at helping the blind and people with reading-based disabilities such as Dyslexia or low vision.

news - NOVEMBER 10 61

Netbooks with OS X now stranded in time.

news - NOVEMBER 10 115

Put your flame suit on.

news - NOVEMBER 10 16

Time to save some money so you have more left over to spend on stuff.

news - NOVEMBER 9 37

Pineview Atom is coming in time for CES.

news - NOVEMBER 9 33

Nope, still not working.

news - NOVEMBER 9 30

Nvidia has denied speculative reports that claim the company is considering entering the x86 CPU business.

news - NOVEMBER 6 50

This ultra ultra thin doesn't have an Atom!

news - NOVEMBER 6 64

Intel's not happy with Nvidia's funnies.

news - NOVEMBER 6 73

Intel is accused of giving PC makers substantial amounts of money in exchange for exclusivity.